I will teach four courses in 2018–2019:

  1. Philosophy of Mind (Fall 2018): Intermediate-level course focused on consciousness
  2. Minds, Machines, and Persons (Fall 2018): Intro to the philosophy of mind and cognitive science
  3. Philosophy of Neuroscience (Spring 2019): Intro to philosophical issues in neuroscience
  4. Philosophy of Memory (Spring 2019): Intermediate-level survey of issues in metaphysics, epistemology, and personal identity related to memory

I have also taught two graduate seminars: one on Mind-Wandering and the Norms of Attention (Spring 2018) and another on the Philosophy of Mind-Wandering (Spring 2014), which I co-instructed with Evan Thompson. I also helped Kalina Christoff design a cognitive neuroscience graduate seminar on spontaneous thought, which was a blast.